Why should I advertise on Facebook?

You should advertise on Facebook for its large user base, affordability, and exceptional ad targeting options.

Currently, Facebook has 1.18 billion daily active users—that’s 1.18 billion potential customers. To reach the right individual likely to convert, Facebook uses its sophisticated ad targeting tools that allows you to target a specific person using Facebook’s over 850 targeting options. With Facebook targeting, you can serve ads to people according to demographics, connections, interests, custom audiences, and behaviors.

You don’t need $100 billion to advertise on Facebook. In fact, you can set any budget you want. If you want to spend $10 per day, you can. If you want to spend 100 a day, you can also do that.

Why should I hire an advertising agency?

you should hire an agency because it’s comprised of experts—experts in ad creatives, experts in digital marketing strategies, experts in Facebook ads. Hiring an expert team means your ROIs will soar, your ad targeting will strengthen, and your creatives will be better. You should especially hire an agency if you have no time and no knowledge in managing Facebook ads and analyzing its data.

Why is Facebook advertising better than traditional advertising?

Unlike traditional advertising such as radio, TV, billboard, direct mail, and print advertising, Facebook advertising lets you target your ideal audience anytime, anywhere, in any country and on any device. You can target an audience according to their demographics, connections, interests, custom audiences, and behaviors. You can serve them ads on their desktops or on their phones. You can serve them ads on certain mobile apps that are part of Facebook’s Audience Network.

Additionally, with Facebook advertising, you have full control of your budget. Want to spend $10 per day? You can. Want to spend $100 a day? You can do that too.

How much does it cost to hire advertisevia?

the minimum campaign monthly spending is $2000 and the maximum monthly ad spend is $500,000.00

keep in mind all new accounts on advertisevia require to have a $1500 non refudable deposit to have campaign activated.

What are my options for advertisevia with Facebook?

We can display Your  ads on Facebook mobile news feed, desktop news feed, right column, Audience Network, Instant Articles, Messenger App, and Instagram. We can help you determine which one works best for your products and services.

For more information on placements, read A Guide to Facebook’s Ad Placements.

What is the typical process with advertisevia once we get started?

Once you signed up and  your Account approved, you are required to deposit $2,000 on your account .then our support staff will contact you to get your ad started.

How much does it cost to know if Facebook ads will work for me?

Facebook charges on a bidding structure. Think ebay, but for your ads. A general estimate is at least 30 days and a minimum of $400. That will give us enough time to make changes and test multiple aspects for their profitability

Why should I work with advertisevia instead of doing it my self?

Unlike other Facebook advertising agencies, advertisevia  doesn’t charge a set-up fee, and we offer simple month-to-month contracts, advanced technology, and expertise.we already know what will work for your campaigns you don't need to spend $1000's to just to fail.

why do i need to pay a $1,500 non refundable deposit?

we dont chager multiple service fees to run campaigns, our non refundable deposits are our only fees.which is $1,500 all accounts on advertisevia are required to have this balance before any campaing can go live.in compliance with our financial and regulatory department. every advert created on advertisevia needs to have this service fee deposit. while this funds will be visible on your account balance. its not refundable or able to use it to place orders.

How do I get started with advertisevia?

To get started, you must first complete the registration and add $2,000 to your account then open a ticket and our support staff will assist you.